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Taking Control

Review of symptoms and causes of crisis

Redefine business as a successful business and detailed turnaround planning

Leadership and management assessment and transformation detailed planning

Detailed results focused transformation plan and achievment milestones

Improved sales and marketing, cost reduction, quality improvements, improved delivery performance, improved responsiveness, improved ‘Flow’ and ‘Pace’, improved capabilities, improved information and control systems

Vision, key performance indicators, performance targets, target achievement plans, performance reviews, countermeasure actions, rapid results reviews and action cycles
Operations process and results improvement, productivity SME improvement, Start-up and scale-up, rapid immediate results, we work with what you have

We are an independent business consultancy with a focus on operations process and results improvement.

Our solutions

We help businesses to:

  • respond quickly to achieve meaningful results.
  • build a foundation for continuous improvement and sustainable business growth.
  • develop specific change management systems which integrate urgent, short-term and long-term priorities.
  • implement effective and efficient value chain processes.
  • activate business improvement capabilities: urgent, short-term and long-term.
  • develop a performance / ‘can do’ culture.
  • regain control – immediately.

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