Operations Process and Results Improvement

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We solve business problems

We are an independent business consultancy with a focus on operations process and results improvement.

We solve business problems.

We find, develop and implement successfully proven, rapid and sustainable solutions to business challenges:

  • insufficient cash flow.
  • failure to hit business results.
  • losing jobs to competitors.
  • delivery performance issues.
  • quality incidents and customer complaints.
  • failure to meet customer deadlines.
  • non-success of business scale-up and growth.
  • increased overhead costs.
  • loss of staff and employee morale.
  • production planning  targets not being met.
  • spikes in procurement costs, etc..

In summary, we can help when a business has lost control and has lost its way. We provide rapid solutions which deliver results.

Operations process and results improvement, productivity SME improvement, Start-up and scale-up, rapid immediate results, we work with what you have

Our solutions

We help businesses:

  • to respond quickly to achieve meaningful results.
  • to build a foundation for continuous improvement and scaling up sustainable business growth.
  • to develop specific change management systems which integrate urgent, short-term and long-term priorities.
  • to implement effective and efficient value chain processes.
  • to activate business improvement capabilities: urgent, short-term and long-term.
  • to develop a performance / ‘can do’ culture.
  • to regain control – immediately.
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Our approach

We work with our clients and:

  • focus on our client’s business and not on publicity.
  • clients can trust us with their issues, intentions, plans and know-how.
  • effectively using change methodology: discovery phase, solution development and implementation of change.